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Step up Nick Adams

10 Jul

From a young age, Nick has always been involved in a variety of exciting media projects. With formal training in acting, music and writing, it was clear from a young age he was going to be working on contrasting creative work. At the age of 14 he did work experience in a recording studio, and at 15 years old he acted along side Lenny Henny in the BBC major drama series “Hope and Glory”.

As Nick was approaching 16 years old, the acting work began interfering with his GSCE exams (his maths teacher famously once said he saw more of Nick on tv than in the maths class!) and from this point Nick decided to take a more behind the scenes approach to creative media, opting to enroll in Leyton Sixth form college to study media and music production.

When he was 17, he wrote, directed and produced a spoof documentary about youth culture called “Nang: Insight into the life of the Rudeboy”. Being fortunate enough to be studying music technology and having access to resources at the college, Nick also produced an original soundtrack to this project (including a music video).

At 18 things were looking bright for Nick as he went off to Portsmouth University to do a degree in Entertainment Technology (a broad course covering every aspect of media from sound production, to web design, to film making, to computer graphics). Unfortunately, because of a string of devastating problems in Nick’s personal life at this time, and feeling that there wasn’t adequate support at his University, he decided to withdraw from this course.

Despite going on to do a work placement at Channel 4 (helping with the idents and animations for E4), Nick decided that he would combine his multimedia skills with a passion he’s had from a very young age: computer games.

Nick is currently studying Computer Games Programming in the University of Teesside, but is still actively involved in documentaries, tv shows, music production and writing.


In the beginning…. there was Lem,

10 Jul

My story begins in the year 1999, when I was 15, In secondary school taking a mock examination. Alongside an animation of a diver, Lem began writing a commentary describing the divers thoughts as he was about to hit the water. Lem’s drama teacher was the fortunate soul who discovered this commentary as he began marking lem’s mock maths exam. He then approached lem to write more than just that blurb. He encouraged lem to write a fortnightly column which was posted in the assembly halls right up until the end of his school days. Each column was marked with the mysterious moniker of “lucid” which created a buzz unlike any other for its time, and the sensation passed through the staffroom and playground alike: WHO IS LUCID?

Then at the final school assembly in the summer of 2000, the mystery was solved, lem stood in front of the entire alumni and announced… “I AM LUCID”. And so it has remained since that faithful day.

In that same year however, tragedy struck when Lucid’s mother was taken away from him by cervical cancer. And thus, He was thrust into adulthood, and had to juggle his potential future in education, a house, council tax and every other bill imaginable, along with his kid sister. So Lucid started out strong and got some support from the government…but ultimately, the fate was sealed by the system’s lack of financial support for two students in one house.
Lucid took a back seat on the educational front and selflessly supported his sister through college and university by tackling a variety of jobs from double glazing sales to parking post sorter, all the while keeping the vision, the goal he had set out to achieve.
7 years passed by and Lucid’s sister graduated from university – and that was the proudest achievement not only for the two of them as a family but within himself knowing that her success was his success, that without much help from anyone unless things were really bad, Lucid had help keep a roof over their heads and keep the bailiffs at bay long enough for his sister to achieve her dream.

The year is 2009 and with the current accolades including working with MTV, charity work and presenting webisodes, Lucid proudly aligns himself with the most influential yet informational site for teenagers to appear on the internet in the past decade, YH World. Lucid is living proof that if you trust in yourself, you can achieve anything. If you’re looking for a starting point, no matter what you want to do, you need to find out What’s Up.

Hello world!

2 Jul

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