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20 Oct

Filmmakers are you sick of squeezing hours of footage into three minutes?  Worldview pitch at Sheffield Doc/ Fest are giving six lucky film makers the chance to pitch their ideas for a 8-10 minute documentary in front of panel from the film industry. The brief is that the documentary has to be on poverty in the developing world and displaying this in an original way. The event takes place on Thursday 4th November 2010. The winner of this competition will be rewarded with £8,000- 10,000. They will be given the opportunity to travel to the developing world, make their film and then have the finished product broadcasted on Community Channel. Sign up now.


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19 Oct

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Battle of the Boroughs

18 Oct

I’m moving house soon, but I can’t decide where to move to. The lease on my current property is due to expire, and if I don’t make alternative living arrangements soon I’ll be left with nowhere to live. Or even worse, I’ll have to live with my mum and dad until I find a place of my own.

With these consequences in mind, I’ve decided to step-up my search for a house. Unfortunately, the house-searching work I was planning on doing today clashes with my plans to write this blog. So, in a shameless attempt to kill two birds with one stone and halve my workload, I’ve decided to combine the two.

The result is a borough-by-borough analysis of all the places in London I would consider moving to. Actually it’s less of an analysis – more of a vaguely-accurate-but-slightly-biased look at the pros and cons of each place.


Pro It’s the borough where I currently reside. I know it well, and I’ve grown to love its vibrant, lively ways.

When you tell a non-London resident you live in Camden, it makes you sound really cool. They instantly picture Camden Town, and say ‘Wow, that’s really cool. Everything about that place looks so exciting and you’re so lucky to live there.’ Or something like that.

Con It’s the only place I’ve ever lived in London, and I’d like to spread my wings across this great city.

Despite what non-city dwellers might think, there’s more to Camden than Camden Town – and not all of it is quite so ‘happening.’ If everyone outside of London pictured Queen’s Crescent rather than Camden Town when you mentioned the borough’s name, you’d get a different reaction altogether.


Pro Handy for a music venue called The Garage on Highbury Corner, where ska-punk legends such as Lightyear, Capdown, and King Prawn all perform. This means a lot to me, as there are only a handful of music venues where you can see these bands live.  

Con Dubbed ‘The poor man’s Camden’ by… err… me, Islington is home to many a chav, dog fighter, and wearer of 15-year-old Reebok Classics.
Add that to the fact I get queasy just walking past the Emirates Stadium, and you’re on to a probable loser.


Pro Home to creative, interesting people who understand there’s more to having a job than just making money. I really like these kinds of people – their work is based around something they love, rather than the amount of money they make. 

In many ways, Hackney is the most varied place I’ve been to. Its residents are from all over the world, it has built up areas as well as green spaces, and the selection of food shops ranges from jellied eels to Caribbean cuisine.

It’s close to where I work, which means more time in bed in the morning.

Con It’s almost too close to work, meaning there are no valid weather-related excuses for not turning up on time.

The non-existence of Underground trains may well cause me to go mad.

Hammersmith and Fulham

Pro Its housing represents surprisingly good value for money, and there is certainly plenty of entertainment on offer at the Hammersmith Apollo. Also, I know a couple of people who live there.

Con One of those people has ginger hair, and hanging out with him may be deemed a social faux pas of the highest order.

Barnet / Enfield

Pro I’ve grouped these two together because I know them well. Before moving to London, I lived about ten miles north of these boroughs, so I know them inside out. My familiarity with them means I would know exactly what to expect.

Con It’s the fact I know what to expect that means I never want to live there.


Pro One of my best friends lives in Ealing, and through visiting him I’ve grown fond of it. It has a surprising number of parks and wide open spaces, and country-style pubs serving Sunday roasts. Very relaxing.

Con It’s probably just a bit too far from the centre of London. Nice to visit now and again, but would I really want to live that far from the City?


Pro Highgate is part of Haringey, and is one of the most idyllic places I know. Great places to eat, a couple of decent bars, a nice park, Karl Mark buried in the cemetery… what more could you ask for?

Con Living there would mean close proximity to that most loathsome of buildings: Ally Pally. Not so much for its lame bazaars and pointless exhibitions, rather its third-rate annual fireworks display. Every year I have to come up with a new excuse to avoid it – and living close to the event’s location would no doubt limit my excuses for non-attendance.

Tower Hamlets

Pro Until recently, this was somewhat of an unknown quantity. However, after a recent visit to Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market, it’s become a realistic residential option.

The whole area has real character to it – even the buildings are a far cry from the grey, lifeless concrete clones scattered across central London.

Con Apart from the lack of Underground trains in East London, it’s also perilously close to work.

In addition, the artist I spoke to at Spitalfields Market didn’t shut up for a full 20 minutes. I’m not always the most social of people, so I’m not sure how many lengthy conversations about ‘morality through art’ I could handle.

If you’ve only read this far to find out which borough is the ‘winner’, you’ll be disappointed to hear there isn’t one. Yet. I’m planning on putting off the decision for a short while yet. However, this wasn’t a pointless exercise. I feel I have more on which to base my decision, and can therefore make a more informed choice on where in London my future lies.

Got an opinion on the best/worse places to live in London? Want to big up your borough? If so, please leave a comment – you could really help me out!

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