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Ish’s guide to the best of London

24 Dec

Ishmael shares his Best of the Bits for London town. Enjoy.

In London there is so much to do and see, no matter what age you are ! If you desire a great birds eye view of London why not visit the London eye which is situated on Westminster Bridge Rd, London.

If you’re an active person who likes to try something different why not go to a roller disco? There is an excellent roller disco in Vauxhall which plays the latest chart music along with funky house.

Looking for some fun with some friends? Want to have a great day out ? Then why not try go karting. It is convenient and quite good value for money! 16 laps for £20 !!

Or if you want to just relax and shop, then Westfield’s is the place for you ! with a huge variety of the UK’s top leading fashion outlets and restaurants.

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Westminster: One of My Favourite Places in London (amongst others).

21 Dec
The political hub

Here is a snippet of the reasons why Westminster is one of my favourite places in London...

Not only is it one of the most historic and beautiful places in the capital, it is home to Westminster Abbey and stands as the political hub of Britain. Parliament Square hosts protesters from far and wide who stand up and voice their anger over the many injustices of the global society next to statues of great figures such as Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Robert Peel, and Nelson Mandela. The stunning detail of the abbey make for great photographs. The area has also been the backdrop for the recent student protests against the dramatic rise in tuition fees – I was there in the thick of the action. I’m waiting and hoping that one of the photos I took on the day might one day become an iconic symbol of the continuing fight for justice for all. When my camera and I are not capturing moments of protest or admiring Gothic architecture, we like to hang out at the South Bank, which happens to be a five to ten minute walk from Westminster. There is always something to do, particularly in the evening/ night – and it’s often free. When I’m not in and around the centre of the capital, I enjoy being in Camden. It’s slighty edgier crowd, good music and good food, and the famous market make it a great place to be. If you fancy a bit of swing or Old Skool Hip-Hop then Barfly is the place to go – and entrance is free! So basically, our visitors have a treat in store for them (Yes, I do sound like a Thomas Cooke advertisment) in 2012. Now, just think, wouldn’t it be cool to lead the way and show off our city at its best? Become and ambassador for the games! I really can’t stress enough just how important it is that as many as you sign up BEFORE 31st DECEMBER to become London Ambassadors for 2012 . It’s YOUR time and this is YOUR chance to get involved and really be proud of being a Londonder 🙂 Go to:

Well actually, you now have until January 17th!!

Go on, you know you want to *winks*

As always, it’s the one and only, Siana Bangura over and out *salutes*


London Ambassadors

2 Dec

Whats up guys , I have just found out this new scheme called the London ambassadors. It is a new scheme which has been run by the government, to help enthusiastic people Who have a passion for London.

As every one is aware, the London Olympics is in 2012.
This scheme would enable 8,000 people , to become the friendly face of London. By assisting people on directions, on where they need to go. Also help people to find tourist attractions, their way around london and also their way to the Olympic site. I have signed up !! you should to !!