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29 Jan

Emily Grace ( my MOST fashionable friend ) invited me to Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion at The Barbican. Not my normal choice of exhibition ( You could write what I know about Japaneese fashion on the back of a postage stamp ) but with Freeb’s Monday 2 for 1 offer it’s a lot easier to go and explore an event that you don’t know much about for half the price.

What i know about Japanese fashion – The Kimono ( of which there are none in this exhibition, but i like the image )

The outfits on the first floor seemed more like architecture than clothing. Lots of cold, hard, angluar structures ( black, black, black ) or softer, ragged shapes in neutral tones. The kimono was re constructed or referenced in complicated and intricate pieces made from a single piece of material folded and hung.

As you wandered round peeking behind hanging screens to see what next you were introduced to vivid colours and crazy materials from bedding, folded paper to gossamer acrylics.

Everehwere you looked the materials and shapes pushed your notion of fashion and clothing and in fact there very few of the clothes would make you feel or look attractive even as a size 8.

Having taken in beautiful bright red iridescent jacket and a blue dress that looked like a Christmas decoration I sat down to watched some of the VT. Now i normally skim the video in exhibitions as to be honest it’s mostly boring but i sat down to watch an interview with Rei and I finally got it – we use fashion to attract the opposite sex or communicate our standing in society. The Japanese seek to make it a living piece of art where not just creating but also wearing this clothing is a from of expression.

Now thats an exciting point of view, a piece of art that you can wear, that changes over the years communicating the creators ideas and reflecting the wearers? I’d never thought of fashion like that!

I also learnt that The french and the Japanese have a love affair i never knew about based on mutual respect and referencing such different cultures – there was something strangely sweet about this, especially as you generally get the impression that the French fancy themselves when it comes to fashion.

The work ethic of the fashion houses and the craftsmanship that goes into each item also became more apparent as i continued to watch and this added a different dimension to the clothes i’d just seen.

Time to have a look upstairs, and what a different kettle of fish! Exciting collections, brightly coloured ( Think Gwen ), interesting textures, somehow younger, more accessible and easy to grasp. Illustrations and arty magazine covers added more detail and everywhere you looked there were beautiful fashion students sketching.

I was blown away by this exhibition, the video was well worth watching and really made me think about the clothes we choose and how different cultures express themselves through fashion. There was a different pace between the upstairs and downstairs which kept the exhibition exciting and interesting and you get to be surrounded by the most ridiculously fashionable crowd.

The Barbican is one of my favourite buildings in London and whilst we sat eating an ice-cream ( it was sunny so we decided it was practically summer! ) looking out across the fountains Emily left me with another revelation ‘did you notice the shoes?’ …no I hadn’t…’apparently Japanese women can’t wear heels so all the shoes were flat’. FACT. You learn something new every day!

Exhibition runs till 6th Feb and Mondays give you those FREEB half price tickets. I recommend you check it out.



Urban Development presents Industry Takeover

15 Jan

Industry Takeover is back for the new year with loads of great media and music related opportunities for those interested in taking the next step. Takeover is hosting an all- day seminar and showcase. On the day event will be a series of music related workshops for those who want to know how to get into the industry.

Another feature of the event to look forward to is the panel of industry experts you will get the opportunity to ask questions to. The panel consists of Twin B, Mpho, RWD mag editor Chantelle Fiddy, Mumzy starnger, Grime Daily and many more. This is the third all day event that UD has hosted after the success of the first two Industry Takeovers.

The event will be taking place on Saturday 16th April 2011 at the renowned Rich Mix in Bethnal Green, London from 12pm- 8pm. Expect a fun- filled day with great music performances from your biggest stars, an open mic to showcase your talent, cinema screenings and masterclasses hosted by the most successful people that work behind the scenes. To get more info on the event, visit the website.

First Light presents…WeVee film comp

12 Jan

Want your work to be viewed by industry experts? Do you want to
see your short film screened at the Odeon in Leicester Square? Are you aged between 15-25 years old?  Then WeVee’s film comp is the opportunity for you. WeVee is a website which allows aspiring filmmakers to edit film footage online using their provided clips and sound tracks. The site was created with the purpose to give young filmmakers a taster of editing and also help them to generate ideas.

First Light is inviting filmmakers to edit short films which will consist of this year’s nominated films which have already been uploaded by First light on the WeVee website along with music provided by Cinephonix. Hopefuls short films will be saved and stored on the WeVee website and automatically entered into the competition. Entrants have the chance to see their work screened at the 2011 First Light awards show on 15th March. Expect to see your favourite television and film stars at the red carpet bash.

The closing date to enter your work is Friday 14th February. The top three chosen films will be shown on the First Light site and the winner will be decided by the public vote. The top three finalists will all be invited to attend the awards show, where the winning film will open the Awards ceremony. Yh users jump on board.

Enrol on Film courses

8 Jan

The people at Raindance are hosting a free event referred to as ‘Open house’ allowing film makers to come in and meet the tutors. You will get a taster of the courses that are on offer and get to ask any of those burning questions you may have about enrolling. Raindance are providing discounts on courses that are booked on the day. You will also get a free drink courtesy of the film company. The event is happening on Tuesday 11th, January from 6.30- 9.00pm in West Londons Craven St Rehearsal Rooms, WC2N 5PE. To attend the event you have to book a place which can be done by via phone on 0207 287 3833 or email. Visit the website for more details. So head down for a fun yet rewarding evening.

How to capture a story in one picture

5 Jan

YH world are hosting a series of workshops in Hackney, London. The venue called The Space provides people with the opportunity to use the state of the art Apple Mac computers to edit videos using software such as Adobe premier pro and final cut pro. On February 10th 2011 YH world are inviting you down to learn how to become a Photo Journalist. The evening workshop from 6.30-8.30pm will be showing you how to capture an entire story in one image. The session will give details on what newspapers and magazines look for in a Photographer and with Industry help coming in the form of Marcel from newspaper Hackney today; you won’t be lacking in information. For details on how to sign up visit the site.