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AV Referendum: Hollywood vs Westminster

17 Feb

A stream of celebrities has turned into a flood of public figures coming out in support of the YesToFairerVotes campaign. A few months ago, when the campaign started, a few outspoken liberals personified by Eddy Izzard and Stephen Fry were all the support the Yes team had. Yet following the BAFTAs many celebs (largely actors and crucially award nominees) have come out in support of the new Alternative voting system. Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter are the most notable examples and they are joined by British television classics Tony Robinson, Martin Bell and John Cleese.

Meanwhile, Margaret Beckett and the No campaign seem rather short of celebrity support. Conversely though they do have overwhelming support from politicians both past and present. It is unsurprising that prominent Tory front-benchers such as William Hague have publicly announced their opposition to the referendum. The shock revelation, however, was when former New Labour ministers David Blunkett and John Prescott announced that they were advocates of the old FPTP. Yet when New Labour came to power in 1997 was it not under to promise of a similar referendum.

So here it is an inevitable battle between the politicians and the thespians. Or perhaps between those who know and those who care. With the all important vote on the new system being removed from Westminster and given to the people is it more important to have celebrity or MP support?


HeVy BaSSS Night

10 Feb

Up In Arms – Launch Party @ Shacklewell Arms – 18/02/11

There is going to be madness on the 18th of this month. word on the street is that the Shacklewell Arms is hosting one of the hottest nights for all the Stoke Newington residents. hosting DJs like:

  • Aperture — Liquid D&B (Up In Arms)
  • DJ Redeye — Jungle (Up In Arms)
  • Mr.Gem — DubStep (Up In Arms)
  • BFJ — Old Skool D&B (Kool FM)
  • Nicholas Yeah? B2B Lenny Still! — 2Step/DubStep/Grime (Audio doughnuts)
  • Low-Fro — (Dialation)
  • McKoy — DubStep / House (Up In Arms)
  • Endo B2B Bugaboo — Hip Hop

Great for students that want to chill out and relax after a day at college/uni. plus there is going to cheap drinks all night.there is also a smoking area for smokers so you don’t have to leave the heavy bass scene.  entry is £5 at the door but if you happen to get a flyer for this event then take it with you on the night to the door which will make the entry fee cheaper.

The best thing about is there is going to be a big ice machine. so if you dont want to miss the fun, make your way down there on the 18th.

Shacklewell Arms – Dalston

71 Shacklewell Ln

date: 10pm-5am

Students night out.

8 Feb

Alex Metric @ Scandalism

Alex MetricScandalism is hosting a big club night for the new year.

Booking high profile acts which will bring the house down. it is going to be a powerful clubbing experience. apparently their last event saw queues round the block all night so make sure you buy tickets in advance and make your way their early for the 18th of February 2011 for the ” Alex Matric ” event  featuring the massive line up, such as:

  • Alex Metric
  • Jacob Plant
  • Stripes

What’s love got to do with it?

8 Feb

Once an intimate, low-key event where lovers would exchange handwritten cards and gifts, modern Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a vulgar demonstration of corporate greed and exploitation.

Love doesn't live here anymore

In the Middle Ages, when the day was first associated with romance, people would compose poems, perform good deeds, or send a single rose.  It was a special, very personal day on which to show someone you cared.

Nowadays – thanks to the country that brought you such pointless celebrations as Presidents’ Day, Columbus Day, and Flag Day – comes a new, corporate version of a once meaningful event.   The American-led commercialisation of Valentine’s Day is worth billions of dollars to manufacturers and retailers worldwide.  Every year, shops are filled with over-priced cards, chocolates, flowers, and other ‘thoughtful’ products with the aim of taking as much money from consumers as possible.

Why do we buy this rubbish?  Because society makes us feel guilty if we don’t.  We’re made to feel inferior for not participating – that somehow it makes us selfish, miserable, or unkind. 

As for the single people among us, the whole event seems to be aimed at making us feel like weird, freakish outsiders.  Why should I be branded a pariah for not buying a seven foot teddy bear for a girl I’ll probably hate this time next year?  Should I feel bad for not having such a shallow interpretation of love?  Or are you just angry because I won’t be manipulated?

There is one reason to get excited about Valentine’s this year, however.  It’s only two days before Pancake Day.  In the mean time, I’ll carry on showing love to the people I truly care for – and I’ll do it any day of the year I like.

by Chris Warburton