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So I came across something VERY interesting…

30 Mar

Hey there,

So my mother pretty much banned me from my laptop for a day (for my own good) as I now seem to live and breath this thing. Whilst I had no interweb, I had to go out and find myself something to do (I mean I should be revising for my preliminary exams, which will be at the end of April but I just can’t bring myself to really kickass and get to grindin’… but anyway…). Whilst out, I stumbled across the latest initiative to get we, the British people out and active: The Outdoor Gym as brought to you by the Outdoor Gym Company. The idea is that basic elements of the gym are placed in strategic parks across London. So far, I hear that Burgess park, as well as my nearby Southwark Park, has been hit – and I am sure there are many dotted around the capital.

So anyway it seems that, despite the equipment being quite simple and perhaps not working you as hard as you should be, local people are taking advantage of this unique opportunity to get some free exercise in the great outdoors. I pumped some iron for an hour and enjoyed the blossoming flowers in Southwark park – which makes a change from the stuffy room at my indoor gym/s.

It was really nice to see mothers with their children strollers; the elderly; and those who look like they’d never even heard of the notion of ‘exercise’ , all coming together and getting a bit sweaty.

We all know that childhood obesity/ obesity in general is a growing problem in Britain. We are hot on the sluggish trail of America and *THAT* really is something to worry about. Plenty of people, although not morbidly obese, are being considered ‘clinically obese’ which means that they’re BMI is over the healthy average of about 24/25.

Even if you are not traditionally on the heavier side, it’s good to get fit. I am sure well have a couple of friends who are really slim but eat like horses! Trust me, if they are not keeping active, they’re bodies are screaming on the inside. Women usually have a higher percentage ratio of fat to muscle than men, which is why we should work even harder to get rid of unwanted jiggle.

I myself am struggling with my journey towards my GOAL of obtaining formidable bombshell Rihanna thighs – and the rest of her body to go with it *sighs*

But even if we don’t wanna aim *that* high, it’s time to get out there and enjoy the sunshine! Work up a healthy sweat…it’ll make that cheeky chocolate cake or the fries you had for dinner not be *so* bad for you. A balance diet, drinking plenty of water and doing enough exercise (at least 30 minutes 5 times a week) will improve the health of your skin, teeth, hair and nails, as well as your figure and fitness.

Anyhoo, I’m gonna love you and leave you. I’m quite hungry and the chocolate cake in the fridge is rather tempting… *scrunches face* *remembers those Rihanna thighs and stomach*

It’s Siana, Over and Out


Ps: In my quest to get those legs, and in aid of the new project YH will be launching, tune in next week and watch me get my ass whooped by a Kick-boxing champ who is going places… Watch This Space, Team!



We Marched Together. We Marched for Justice.

27 Mar

Yesterday, Saturday 26th March 2011, 500,000 people marched through the streets of central London in response to the large-scale butchering of vital funds once invested in the services the people of Britain rely on – the services that make/ made this country ‘Great’. The Trade Union Congress (TUC) called for and organised a national demonstration in response to the radical actions being taken by the Con-Dem government.  The whole country was represented as whole families; students; workers; pensioners; black,white, Asian, alien and/or others marched from Waterloo and Embankment, through The Strand and up into Hyde Park.

Unfortunately and true to form, a violent anarchist/barbarian/ignorant/full of sh*t minority removed themselves from the peaceful ethos of the movement and went around smashing things up and hurting the police (who were actually on our side) for no good reason:

The media of course will now concentrate on the violent 200 and the arrested 80 outside of the 500, 000 marchers (good mathematics will tell you that that’s about 0.04 per cent who killed it).  It is VERY important that we do not let this mar the efforts of the TUC and the people of Britain.

I read a stupid comment on Twitter from an upper-Middle-class twat-cat, which complained about the fact that young people (16 year olds to be exact) were also marching. To this I say the following things:

Firstly, these ’16 year olds’ have parents/ guardians who are workers. They were standing in solidarity with THEM and FOR them.

Secondly, the march was not *just* about the cuts in funding for the public sector. Students, pensioners and young children have also been attacked by Cameron, Clegg and their men. These young people will have children and will grow old. FACT. SO shut-up.

Thirdly,  how dare anybody question why young people/ anybody wish/es to march in solidarity. It’s that kind of arrogant/bourgeois attitude that has left us in the HOLE.

Now we say that enough is enough. We are many and they are few. WHY should the working classes pay for the mishaps of the bankers? So we are ‘all in this together?’  NOW WE ARE NOT.  Have you ever heard the joke about the banker and the umbrella?

‘A banker will give you his umbrella on a sunny day and then demand it back when the rain starts to piss down’.

Yes, to get out of a nation-wide/global crisis, everybody needs to do their part. But tell me why bankers and those in the upper echelons of society should keep their GARGANTUAN bonuses, whilst working class woman/ young children and young people/ pensioners/ whole families have to live on chicken change? That’s is Cameron’s ‘Big (business) society’.

We have been apathetic for far too long. People now need to be politicized and motivated! A march is all well and good but that is only the start of a permanent revolution.  The power lies within the masses.

This isn’t the last you’ve heard about this.


For now though, keep it real. keep it raw. And keep it together *salutes*

Siana. Over and out.




Is University worth £9000 a year?

25 Mar

Someone asked me the other day whether I would have attended University had it have cost 3 times the current rate (which it soon will). I looked at my half empty timetable and the stack of neatly arranged Foster’s cans on the window sill and asked myself whether all this was really worth £9000? With far fewer staff/students contact hours and even fewer assignments the concept of a modern university experience is hardly a demanding one. Truth be told it felt very much like my parents were paying for me to hang out with friends, drink at all hours and occasionally submit an essay. Yet if the events of the student protests in London last November taught us anything it is that this increase more than mildly unpopular to prospective students.

Its a sad state of affairs that there are now over 2.5m full time undergraduates in the UK (up from just under 1m in 1995) and that graduates all over the country are struggling for increasingly competitive jobs. Are prospective students really about to pay £9000 for 3 years and a certificate before they start claiming their jobseekers’ allowances? Furthermore when a degree costs 9 grand where is it that students should go and what should they study? It seems unlikely to me that anyone will pay that kind of money or receive any kind of bursary to read Beatles Studies at the Liverpool Hope University.

Then it occurred to me, whilst I was contemplating the effects of a lower undergraduate intake I realised the effect that this increase would really have. Surely with more students being deterred from entering higher education we can look forward to the prestige a graduate degree formerly entailed being miraculously restored? One can only hope that with fewer people receiving degrees there will be a much greater demand (which isn’t difficult at present)  for graduates in the job market.

Similarly, perhaps this increase will encourage school leavers to pursue a future outside or more education. It is no secret that presence of British workers in the allied trades and former high street jobs has declined significantly over the last few decades. The enormous immigration numbers which we have seen over the past few years are largely explained by the a deficient supply of British butchers, postmen, carpenters etc. Wouldn’t less emphasis on the importance of a university education help to counter this trend?

With this in mind, I hope that before we start organising Millbank round 2 or developing projectile fire extinguishers we will all remember all the consequences that this higher tuition fees will entail.


Morning! Morning!

25 Mar

Howdy Y’all,

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Much love!


Siana. Over and out.

Something interesting for you…

25 Mar

Hey there Team YH! World,

As I am a history student, I found this quite interesting and thought of you. If there are any people out there taking history for GCSEs or A-Levels then read on (in fact, read on even if you’re not because it’s interesting!):

If you want to get those high grades you should always read around the subject. History is still relevant to today and the events of the last century have made a lasting impact on society.


So there is a bit of daily wisdom for all of y’all. I bet it wasn’t so bad, was it? *winks*





Siana. Over and out.

Exciting new project coming your way soon…!

25 Mar

Hey there Team YH World!

I hope you are all well. It’s been a while indeed but I can assure you that all is well.  We have moved offices and have grown over the past couple of months. There is a larger team in the offices at all times now; thus enabling us to keep providing you with positive information and great opportunities!

I have been a busy bee (as always) as well. Check out what I have been up to in the other branches of my blog:

Once you’ve had your fill of that, make sure you check the latest news and features on the YH! World site so that you don’t miss anything good 🙂

On a more exclusive note, by the end of this coming week, we at YH! will be launching our new project: ‘Young and Brilliant’ . This will be a celebration of young talents within the capital, who are working hard and making their way up the ladder of their ambition. With the help of a series of Video blogs, we will follow the journeys of a rapper; a journalist and photographer; a television presenter; a very talented make-up artist; a kick-boxer who is going places; a young entrepreneur; and a set of dancers who are currently touring the UK!

There is plenty of talent to be found in our city and despite all the negative media coverage and the difficult economic, political and social climate, young people are still ambitious.  And we at YH! want to be there at every step to celebrate with them when thy finally do reach their goals and get to wherever it is they strive to go.

So basically my lovelies, stay tuned!

Much love for now!



Siana. Over and out.

Young Achievers Award 2011

24 Mar

Young Achievers Awards 

On the 23rd March we were invited to the Young Achievers Awards, Young Achievers is an organisation delivered by the Young Achievers Trust, a vibrant and dynamic youth-led organisation. They have over 100 young volunteers that can take part in photography, branding, fund raising, marketing, journalism and judging. The Trust led by a Trustee Board of 12 young people.

We didn’t know what to expect at first but it turned out to be very inspiring. Continue reading