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The sky’s the limit…literally!

5 Apr

A friend recently made me aware of South Bank University in London will soon be adopting the maximum level of tuitions fees (as outlined by the government) of £8390. Whilst Government spokesman David Willets insisted that Universities would only increase tuition fees in ‘exceptional circumstances’ and yet even those within the bottom 120 British Universities are willing to push fees to the max.

South Bank were quick to argue that they were forced into this increase given that their teaching budget was set to be cut by 92%. They’re argument that the government initiative is simply moving university funding away from themselves and towards the consumer is of little consolation to prospective students and especially those from poorer backgrounds.

The issue here is whether anyone will be willing to pay over £8000 for a degree from a university such as South Bank? Please comment 🙂



Check out what one of our Young Creatives is getting up to!

4 Apr



So here at YH! We have a bunch of young Londoners with a MAHOOSIVE amount of talent.

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Snog, Marry or Avoid?

1 Apr

On the 29th March, Charmelle, Gabriel and I(Billie) went to Oxford Street for a feature called Snog, Marry or Avoid. We printed out pictures of six female celebrities for the male public and six male celebrities for the female public. Continue reading