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Exploring London’s Markets

2 Jun

MaryBeth and I have been exploring the great markets of London this past week in preparation for our upcoming YH! World piece on local food vs. supermarket food. We started our journey at Borough Market in Southwark, a gourmet food market. We wanted to find out why people are so attracted to this market and its atmosphere, so we interviewed multiple shoppers for their opinions. And we put together a video piece that will highlight the best aspects of this market.

Today, we went out to Portobello Market in Notting Hill. This market had a wide range of food and clothing. It was a unique and friendly market to explore. MaryBeth is planning to use her experience at this market to write a piece alongside the video. This weekend we will be checking out Ridley Road Market, Broadway Market, and Chatsworth Road Market.

Stay tuned for this featured video and article that will appear on YH! World.