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I can feel your smile

21 Jul

Firstly a retrospective in the Hayward is a big deal, but then Tracey has been up for a Turner and had a leading role in Saatchi’s  Brit Art movement so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

“the girl went out like a 40 watt light bulb”

Then again Emin has always seemed to be an outsider, from her dirty bed and tent ‘everyone i have ever slept with’ to her pissed up performance on TV commentating on the Tate she always seemed to be making a scene.

What’s a whole gallery of her work going to be like?

Firstly let me say I used to HATE Tracey Emin I just didn’t get how she used her sexuality, calling herself a slag and talking about her abortions.  I wasn’t a slag, I hadn’t had gonorrhea, i didn’t think that having a c*nt was the most interesting thing about me and i thought that art should be, well, visually appealing. I also loved painting. I still love painting but i now love Tracey Emin too so what changed?

” I never liked school i was always late ”

Me probably. Where before i only saw the hate, anger and negativity in her work ( and her work is anchored in the most negative, human, dark spots of her life that seem to force her creativity ) I started to notice the love love love and the humor and the detail. She hand stitched hard words into her patchwork quilts.

“there’s no one in the room who hasn’t thought about killing”

She makes etchings ( a laborious process ) of rough masturbating line drawings and she tells beautiful stories. God she uses words with such beauty I will forgive her for making me look at her used tampons.

Emin do’s and don’ts

Do look for the beauty and the detail in her work

Do watch ALL the videos. Just do it. Wait because she takes you on a journey and one of them ( The reason i never became a dancer ) made me cry

Don’t expect to look at beautiful art objects or great paintings ( although I do really like some of her paintings )

Don’t be freaked out by all the abortion stuff or the fact that it’s £12 to get in – it’s worth it

Do go straight to the book shop and buy her book ‘Strangeland’

So, an acquired taste – definitely, but if you can get over the surface sense of annoyance that you’re not served good looking art objects the beautiful raw humanness of her work and the emotional  integrity will make you want to find her and buy her a drink or 4.


The Only way is Birmingham… ‘Course.

13 Jul


Long time, no blog. Sorry about that, I’ve been busy (as always).

Between launching my alternative radio show, completing my first year at Cambridge and trying to kick-start my career in journalism, I’ve been busy with Lucy trying to nab a bit of funding for a really cool project.

We want to make a film that is so bad, it’s actually brilliant. Why? Well, to help show you what not to do when you take that huge step and make your first film.

Lucy, Adam (from Brickwall Films) and I took a lil’ trip to Birmingham. We were wowed by the modern take on vintage interior of an old converted church and the taste of halloumi Meze but were dismayed by the general greyness and industrial mood of the city (to be expected as I suppose as historically Brummy’s an indusrtial town). We came close to death by Adam’s driving (well kinda) and made it home, with mochas and flakes in hand. All of this for your delight, peeps!

So in any case, watch this space and get excited!

I’m off but remember: Keep it real, keep it raw and always keep it togther;

Siana, Over and out