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Art Against Knives – young designer takeover

12 Apr

We headed down to Art Against Knives Boxpark unit in Shoreditch to check out the young Designer Makers private view and find out a bit more about them :

  • What was your inspiration to start your brand?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Why did you chose your name?

Sienna Murdoch – ” I’ve always worked with artists and different agencies. This motivated me to make my own brand Pamphlet

Business” ” I want to sell my cushions to shops” ” because it sounded professional and unique ”

OhSo CAKEY ” I LOVE cupcakes and thats what inspired me” “My target audience is anyone, different people form different ages” “I chose OHSOCAKEY ‘cos i love cakes”

The Milkshake Club ” J.Cupcakes inspired us” ” Any ages, you can customize your own t shirts to suit your tastes “” We love Milkshakes”

AGR ” my inspiration was Rhiannan and street wear” “young adults are my target” ” AGR is my whole family name, cos i wanted to make my dad proud!”


Broadcast from your mobile

12 Apr

Glenn McMahon came in to explain why you’ve got the power to report to a high standard in your hand.

The speed that you get your content online is vital. Eg Genoa 2001 an activist filmed the police beating the activists and in the lack of anyone form the main stream media a citizen created footage now being used as the basis of a film and a successful lawsuit.
During the riots Sky News reporter captured the action with nothing more than the power in the pocket

Why ? We all have phones on us every day. Shoot in one take with no edit and all you need to make it semi pro is an external mic is important, and a reporter and cameraman

TOP TIPS – put it on airport mode to stop your calls coming through
Whats’ happening, who’s doing it and why. Don’t forget your viewer doesn’t know what’s going on your asking questions on their behalf.
Keep it short, multiple camera angles to keep it fresh and good sound quality

If you don’t have these items then use your journo skills : Who, what when where why : I’m here at 10 am in Croydon

Read Glenn’s blog for Vison On HERE

& Our ed teams 1st attempt in the office