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Wrath of the Titans – 3D IMAX

9 May

What to do in rainy May? I had the urge to  watch an epic movie and what could be more epic than a massive war between the gods, flying horses and the father of time? Throw a couple of Cyclops and some good looking warriors ( both sexes ) and you’ve got Wrath of the Titans. So i knew what movie i wanted to watch now i just needed to decide where to watch it.

I’d never been to the IMAX although I’d walked past it enough times and in fact i don’t remember ever seeing a movie in 3d ( although i do have some 3D glasses on my desk – they don’t work! ). With an epic movie you need an epic cinema and you can’t get more epic than IMAX.

You get handed your glasses and sit down to to watch the trailers it already feels like your in outer space! The rest of the movie was full of clever tricks to make it feel like boulders were flying towards you or soldiers attacking and if I’m honest the film was so / so but the experience was awesome.

If you’ve never been to see a 3D movie at IMAX go, Tim Burton is up next. It’s about £16 for standard adult but there are concessions see here whilst Leicester sq cinemas are £12 – 16 depending on where you sit but the whole layout of the building is designed to get you into the 3D aspects of the film.

What are you waiting for?


Land of Kings – review

9 May

Great way to see some Hidden Gems, venues you maybe didn’t even know existed and artists you’ve never heard of. Land of kings makes it easy to explore one of London’s hippest areas. I headed down on the Friday to check it out.

What did we see : Galiano cocktails on the roof garden, Beat boxing in the vortex, awesome band space in Magnolia Banqueting Suite ( I always thought this was a weird wedding venue ). There was so much more going on in tents, basements and attics from literary, film, spoken word and DJ’ing.

Great value for money Would I recommend it? Hell yeah, this should be on ever music lovers calendar but also great if you just want to discover new venues and artists and have a vibey time. Look out for May bank holiday next year!

Land of Kings

3 May

We all know Dalston is a happening place but now you can sample the best of the area over the bank holiday weekend thanks to Land Of Kings.

The topline : The Dalston double-header returns // Friday 4th – Saturday 5th May 2012 // 15 venues // 2 nights // 1 wristband

The highlights : When else can you access the Dalston Roof Garden, The Vortex & Alibi all with new and interesting bands / acts.

Oh and check out the trendy crowd of 20 somethings

Book your tickets HERE or turn up and try your luck on the door