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Maria Talks! – Relationships

24 Jul

I’m back! With another, should I say rather interesting topic to say the least. In fact it’s an every day topic that girls, boys, mums, dads and everyone talks about or has a story to share.
The main reason why I am writing about this topic is because lately in the news paper coming from all around the world, we see headlines of ‘new lovers’ or in some cases ‘new divorce’ e.g. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and for those who don’t know here it is…

Kim Kardashian known for her dubious past with men and shortest marriage of 72 days is now ironically in a relationship with ultimate rapper/now fashion designer Kanye West. Now to some of the public they may think ‘what a load of nonsense’ and see this as a publicity stunt another way of both of the individuals to rack in more millions. Another part of the public could love it, as two people very alike in personality and in income come together.
Anyways taking it back to the point of my article I myself as a young teenager want to know what exactly can be deemed as a successful relationship? At what age? What kind of person? As the days go on the talk of relationship slaps me in the face and as attractive as I am (coughs) my direction is lost. Speaking on behalf of young females like myself, I’m sure they feel that way too, especially with the amount of peer pressure around. Those entire questions I would like answers to! As we are left with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Russell Brand, who were so deeply in love and a year shortly after, got divorced. Ironic much? Are these the relationships that we deem as successful?
Now enough of these ‘celebrities’ love. What do I think about relationships? You as my readers would really like to know. Being 17 is a tough and awkward age, it’s the age where you are supposed to find a boyfriend because you are close to adult hood, 18 but you’re still a child, being 16. So what do you do? Do you give into per pressure of your friends? Signing into Facebook and seeing all the different changes in relationship statuses?
I, Maria Tongo say ignore it, be you and do you. While people our age focus on boys and crave male attention, with their body highlighting and face shadowing Facebook pictures – admit it we are guilty of knowing such individuals. Its slightly normal to be like that at our age, but don’t be who you want to be if it means being a book worm, or doing whatever you do best, do it. Love, relationship and boys will always fall into place and come at a time when ready. Remember … Y.O.L.O – drake.

By Maria Tongo


Want To Be A Journalist? Then Why Not Do It YH World Stylee?

16 Jul

We have been running a six week training course over the last few weeks for young budding journalists in and around London.

So far there has been some really exciting workshops including learning about writing for the web, how to put a news story together, how to report from your mobile phone effectively and there is lots more to come including learning about social networking, how to write opinion pieces and photography.

Don’t worry if you have missed out on this round of training because we will be running another round of 6 weeks training in August alongside 6 mentoring opportunities for young people under 24 who are not in employment, education or training.

If you would like to find out more or sign up email michelle on





Bauhaus – fresh ideas from the past

9 Jul

I LOVED this exhibition. GO. I’d heard of the Bauhaus as a super German art school who’d produced Kandinsky, Klee and influenced generation but I never expected to be so blown away by the FRESHNESS of the ideas 80 years on.

In essence Bauhaus were brilliant because the teaching was designed to help artists get into the right frame of mind to be really, genuinely, creative. Initially ( early 1920’s after the 1st WW ) they focused on craft but built relaxation, and exercise into their teaching model. They mixed students with expert technicians and set them briefs like ” rhythm ” and ” contrast ” as well as making sure they knew how to draw and paint to a high standard.

They saw play as a way of helping people find their creative ideas and experimentation was encouraged.

Fabric, architecture, fonts and furniture were seen through the same lens as more traditionally fine art disciplines like sculpture and painting and they made some ‘Zines that look so good it’s mind blowing.

In the 30’s as The Bauhaus got bigger, selling fabrics and furniture to the public and after received funding they set up in a bespoke modernist building, in itself a work of art. Students and masters worked, played and partied together and there are some beautiful, relaxed photos of tutors taken by students that would of been un heard of during my degree ( you were SCARED of tutors ). The parties sound AWESOME, the metal party involved everyone covering themselves in im foil and entering the party down a metal shute… and when i say everyone i mean experimental performance artists, architects and artists… can you imagine the costumes?

What strikes me int he lower rooms is the genuine sense of excitement at being part of this amazing institution at this incredible point in time. There were women in the college too and not just as models… i wonder how many women went to art college in England in the 30s’?

As you come to the end of the downstairs exhibition ( and the 30’s ) advertising and more commerical briefs have been introduced to the students work and there’s more re invention with collages using magazines ( Think Metropolis ), experimental photography and prints.

With the country’s finances in tatters and war on the horizon the school finally breaks up with founding teachers leaving the Bauhaus as an architectural institute with little or no government funding. As I exit the gallery I can’t help thinking what would of happened if Bauhaus had continued at the heady peak of it’s heyday? What would the world look like……

Where : Barbican

When : till 12th August

How much : 2 – 4 -1 with Barbican Freeb

Gallery Admission Prices & Opening Hours
Art Gallery
Standard: £10 online/ £12 on the door
Concessions: £7 online/ £8 on the door
School groups of 10 or more (primary, secondary and sixth form up to age 19): £6
13 – 17s yrs: £6 online/ £7 on the door
Children aged 12 and under: Free

Maria Talks – Friend or Foe?

9 Jul



Hey people! I think it’s high time I introduce myself. (plays Beyoncé – upgrade you) my name is Maria- Gold Tongo. 17. Student.  I have a very deep passion to write and interview, basically all aspects of journalism I love. I’m here to share and talk about anything and everything, overall trying to keep it as real as possible. Please feel free to comment or ask about the current topic. 

This week’s topic has to be Friendship!  I have currently written another article on friendship but this has to be shared with you guys also.  But where do I start? Ok, let’s keep it short and simple. Who can we actually class as friends? Because I was recently involved in a situation, I had a close friend but sadly a close friend no more.  However she begun to do things that were not acceptable and didn’t acknowledge she was in the wrong so with a lot of thinking and bitching I had to wave her good bye. In doing so, I was thinking I wonder what others would deem as being a ‘good friend’ or having a ‘successful friendship’.. A friend that parties with you all the time – bringing you in on all the latest raves and gossip? Or a friend who tells you when you are in the wrong and is there for you regardless?  I guess we as individual have all different opinions on what a good friend or friendship actually is. However I also want to know when we as people feel it’s ok to let go of a friendship because gaining a friendship is much easier but ending one is a whole different story! 

So you tell me what your idea of a perfect or good friend is? some may call it ‘ride or die’, ‘bonnie and Clyde’ what ever it is, share your stories with me, even if your in a friendship situation right now that plays on your mind, let me know or ask me questions. Stick it out, or forgive and forget the ultimate friendship ending or questions we often ask ourselves. Or simply just bitch within our selves, we are all guilt of doing it.

So tell me, ask me questions, and comment on how you feel, but hey be nice!