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28 Mar

I’m a huge one direction fan and love all their work and songs and think that they are amazing but there’s something that’s bugging me. This is the fact that one direction don’t do meet and greet in the UK, I don’t believe this is fair as they were formed here, and are a UK boy band. On top of this one direction opened a new worldwide store which many countries like America, Sweden etc have but yet the UK doesn’t have one. This is not fair as I thought that living in the UK we would be privilege to have access to more things than other counties. So to put a stop to this I’m launching a petition, and if you agree with me sign now and let’s make modest management take one direction uk fans more seriously.

look at what we are missing:


Win tickets to the One Mile Away Premiere!!

15 Mar

Win tickets to the London Premiere on Monday 18th March 2013 to join for an EXCLUSIVE screening for the movie along with Trevor Nelson doing the Q&A with Penny Woolcock and  the members of the cast !


One Mile Away follows Penny Woolcock’s Hip Hop musical 1 Day starring Dylan Duffus, which depicted Birmingham’s postcode wars. One Mile Away was initiated by Shabba, a young man affiliated to the Johnson side who met Penny during her research for 1 Day. He saw her as neutral and as someone who had built trust on both sides. Penny agreed to get involved and introduced Shabba to Dylan Duffus — the lead actor in 1 Day and affiliated to the Burger side. The film follows their painstaking journey over two years to recruit more supporters from both sides. Along the way, the riots erupt in Birmingham, with surprising consequences.

In order win these tickets you must first answer this question:

One Mile Away is the sequel to…

a) Half a day

b) 1 Day

c) 7 Days

Good Luck!

Entrants must be 16+ only.

All entries must be submitted by 6pm on Friday 14th March to

For more information about the movie check out their official website:

 Twitter: @onemileawayuk or Facebook Page: onemileawayfilm

Event details

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Date: Monday 18th March 2013
  • Venue: BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9LN.

YH World had a meeting with the anti-drugs charity Release!

14 Mar

YH World had a meeting with the anti-drugs charity Release!

Yesterday YH World! had a meeting with Release to discuss ways to promote their cause of decriminalising drug possession. Many interesting factors were addressed such as the statistical evidence showing that criminalising drugs has not affected the number of people that use and possess drugs.

Things I wish I’d Known // Video

11 Mar


Royalty free music: Incompetech / Band Camp


Good trailers // create tension

Impeccably styled

Genius simple

Say something nice

Do something different with your camera shots

Fourtet / Grimes referenced here also awesome. Oh and anything by Spike Jonze!!!

Multimedia training at Springboard

7 Mar

The training programme at springboard was really good. Really good. I’m only 14 years old- without a whole lot of ambitions or long term plans for the future. Not the longest attention span either. Even still, the training actually motivated me (and that’s saying something, i’m not easily motivated) to start and maintain my own blog.

Before the training, I knew literally nothing about blogs. Nothing. But I picked it up pretty quickly. On the first day I had created my own blog, and come up with a lot of ideas for content. Everyone was really supportive of my idea to write a football blog for girls, which was something that i had wanted to do for some time.

By the second day, I had created 3 separate posts, and had views in countries from all over the world, such as Italy and the USA. Which was AMAZING.

The session really stimulated me, which does wonders for your self esteem! It’s something I will definitely continue to work on after leaving the course. Yes. It was really that good.

Find my football blog here: