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Forum Foods – a Hackney feast

4 Sep

Wednesday 28th August saw Forest Road Youth Hub transformed into a food fest!

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We called up Ife, Youth Forum member who planned the event.

Why food?

” one of the things i’ve always loved about Hackney is the diversity and cultures. One thing that really shows off different cultures is food! We felt everyone could benefit from it but we wanted to focus it at young people because they were on holiday and looking for things to do and that it was productive use of time. It also painted young people in a really positive light by getting them to providing food they’d cooked themselves”

So what was your vision?  ” through eating and sharing food people could understand and appreciate each other – understanding different cultures and appreciating their food is a great universal starting point! “

What next? ” dance and music festivals next!”

Who paid for all this? ” We won funding through YOF ( Youth Opportunity Fund ) –  it’s a great idea offering young people empowerment by winning funding and running their own projects. We’d love to connect more young people and encourage them to apply for funding to run their own projects”

So thanks to Ife from Shoreditch Youth Forum – Young Hackney

If you have a good project that you find interesting apply for YOF! There’s a deadline coming up!


Made in Hackney – food for thought

3 Sep

Following on from last weeks food fest Made in Hackney would like to invite you join a free Cooking for life workshop

The sessions run on Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm at the community kitchen in the Food for All basement, 3 Cazenove road, Stoke Newington, N16 6PA. The workshops will be run on 4th, 11th and 18th September.

The workshops will include food shopping and budgeting, skills such as bread making, salad dressings, healthy takes on popular classics, sugar free desserts, pies, stews and baking. All with local, seasonal, organic plant based ingredients of course!

Interested? Email Tanya:

Tel: 0208 442 4266

Why we love: The Fault in Our Stars

12 Jul

The fault in our stars” is a novel about love between two teenagers named Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace- but with a twist, the twist being they both suffer from cancer. It is not a typical story; even though the cancer is a big part of the story-line, the novel still manages to be humorous and uplifting despite the serious themes. “The fault in our stars” explores what it means to be alive and challenges the typical idea of a teenage romance.


So why is “The fault in our stars” a New York Times bestseller?

When searching through different reviews on the novel, we found that most people had a strong attachment to the characters of Hazel and Augustus. One person wrote:


‘I felt that when I was reading it I was friends with Hazel and Gus, and that I was with them, sorting out their problems, helping them’.

Another reader, similarly wrote:

‘this book was the total opposite of some sappy love story because of how realistic it is.’


Their strong and witty personalities make it easy for readers to relate and connect to them. Hazel and Augustus bring a realistic element to the novel, unlike most other teenage love stories. John Green is able to write in the voice of a teenage girl to create a story that isn’t just a

.bout ‘ordinary teenagers with teenage problems’ but about an extraordinary teenager who faces something much more than the ‘average teenage problems’.

If we could describe the novel in one word, it would be ‘powerful’; another reader shared our feelings:


‘I loved it because of how powerful it was. How everything in Hazel Grace’s life, she questioned, even if it was something as simple as ‘Why should a person only have breakfast food for breakfast?’


The book is able to raise questions that normally wouldn’t even cross our minds. In this sense Hazel is able to present ideas that go beyond the surface and make the reader think outside of the box.  Hazel tells her mum the her t-shirt does not have a pipe on it:

‘It’s a drawing of a pipe. Get it? All representations of a thing are inherently abstract. It’s very clever’


Even though The Fault in Our Stars is fiction, the struggles of Augustus and Hazel, are in fact a reality in some people’s lives. The novel has inspired many people around the world, here is an example of just one:

By Louisa Danquah & Steffi Maranan

Broadcast from your mobile

12 Apr

Glenn McMahon came in to explain why you’ve got the power to report to a high standard in your hand.

The speed that you get your content online is vital. Eg Genoa 2001 an activist filmed the police beating the activists and in the lack of anyone form the main stream media a citizen created footage now being used as the basis of a film and a successful lawsuit.
During the riots Sky News reporter captured the action with nothing more than the power in the pocket

Why ? We all have phones on us every day. Shoot in one take with no edit and all you need to make it semi pro is an external mic is important, and a reporter and cameraman

TOP TIPS – put it on airport mode to stop your calls coming through
Whats’ happening, who’s doing it and why. Don’t forget your viewer doesn’t know what’s going on your asking questions on their behalf.
Keep it short, multiple camera angles to keep it fresh and good sound quality

If you don’t have these items then use your journo skills : Who, what when where why : I’m here at 10 am in Croydon

Read Glenn’s blog for Vison On HERE

& Our ed teams 1st attempt in the office

London Ambassadors

2 Dec

Whats up guys , I have just found out this new scheme called the London ambassadors. It is a new scheme which has been run by the government, to help enthusiastic people Who have a passion for London.

As every one is aware, the London Olympics is in 2012.
This scheme would enable 8,000 people , to become the friendly face of London. By assisting people on directions, on where they need to go. Also help people to find tourist attractions, their way around london and also their way to the Olympic site. I have signed up !! you should to !!

Free film training

4 Nov

Courage, determination, friendship, respect and equality are just some of the words young film makers are being told to base their short films on. Sheffield is hosting a free film making workshop for people aged 14-19 to take part in. The session will be taking place on Sunday 7th November from 10am-6pm at The HUBS, 6 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX. You will be working with industry professionals who will show you the ins and outs of film making. Get the chance to learn about script writing, sound, camera shots/angles, editing and producing. The workshops will be running all over the UK. To book places contact Leanne. Check the website for more information on film making workshops for older people. Not an opportunity to be missed.

We are loving Liam Bailey!

2 Sep

Download a free Liam Bailey Track HERE