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Land of Kings – review

9 May

Great way to see some Hidden Gems, venues you maybe didn’t even know existed and artists you’ve never heard of. Land of kings makes it easy to explore one of London’s hippest areas. I headed down on the Friday to check it out.

What did we see : Galiano cocktails on the roof garden, Beat boxing in the vortex, awesome band space in Magnolia Banqueting Suite ( I always thought this was a weird wedding venue ). There was so much more going on in tents, basements and attics from literary, film, spoken word and DJ’ing.

Great value for money Would I recommend it? Hell yeah, this should be on ever music lovers calendar but also great if you just want to discover new venues and artists and have a vibey time. Look out for May bank holiday next year!


Exciting new project coming your way soon…!

25 Mar

Hey there Team YH World!

I hope you are all well. It’s been a while indeed but I can assure you that all is well.  We have moved offices and have grown over the past couple of months. There is a larger team in the offices at all times now; thus enabling us to keep providing you with positive information and great opportunities!

I have been a busy bee (as always) as well. Check out what I have been up to in the other branches of my blog:

Once you’ve had your fill of that, make sure you check the latest news and features on the YH! World site so that you don’t miss anything good 🙂

On a more exclusive note, by the end of this coming week, we at YH! will be launching our new project: ‘Young and Brilliant’ . This will be a celebration of young talents within the capital, who are working hard and making their way up the ladder of their ambition. With the help of a series of Video blogs, we will follow the journeys of a rapper; a journalist and photographer; a television presenter; a very talented make-up artist; a kick-boxer who is going places; a young entrepreneur; and a set of dancers who are currently touring the UK!

There is plenty of talent to be found in our city and despite all the negative media coverage and the difficult economic, political and social climate, young people are still ambitious.  And we at YH! want to be there at every step to celebrate with them when thy finally do reach their goals and get to wherever it is they strive to go.

So basically my lovelies, stay tuned!

Much love for now!



Siana. Over and out.

Somebody please think of the children!

16 Aug

Clearly, violent crime amongst young people today is a problem. It’s now so common, we’ve reached a stage where a news report on a shooting or stabbing barely raises an eyebrow.

Recent statistics certainly suggest violent crime is getting towards crisis point. Met Police figures show a 10.7% increase in London’s gun crime in the last 12 months, and a significant increase in theft with the use of force. And in June of this year, there were 25 crimes involving offensive weapons in Hackney alone.  

With the situation as it is, it’s only natural to look for someone or something to blame. Some point the finger at violent video games, music, or films for poisoning the innocent minds of the youth. Could they be right?


Well… no, basically.

People frequently look for a scapegoat to explain the reasons behind social problems, but scientific studies have consistently shown no link exists between games and criminal behaviour, aggression, or emotional problems.

Using entertainment to explain teenagers’ negative behaviour is no new thing, though. As well as games, violent films and ‘aggressive’ music often come under attack from people looking for an easy target. I remember gangsta rap bearing the brunt in the mid-90s, when the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG led to the genre being labelled as the roots cause behind gun crime. Gangsta rap may have decreased in popularity, but guess what? The violence remains.

A similar situation arose in 1999, after the Columbine High School shootings. Looking for answers as to why the tragedy occurred, thousands of people took to protesting at Marilyn Manson’s shows – claiming his lyrics had somehow caused the whole thing. When someone actually bothered to interview Manson to get his opinion, they found he was a level-headed, very intelligent guy who probably wasn’t at fault after all.

Undeterred, people are still quick to blame popular culture for anything they have no other answer to. The current culture of fear means parents are convinced that contact with anything unsavoury will result in negative behaviour amongst kids.

The most amusing example is the suggestion that kids copy what they see in violent video games. This is an insult to the game player’s intelligence. The gamer is simply doing something they enjoy – there is no reason to assume the likely occurrence of copycat behaviour.

I may not be a kid anymore, but I certainly was when Grand Theft Auto was first released. I played it regularly, and guess what? I’ve never stolen a car, shot a stranger in the street, or joined a dodgy-looking gang. And neither has anyone I played it with. Anyone sane can easily distinguish right from wrong, and draw the line between a violent computer game and reality.

The fear amongst some is that kids will become desensitised to violence through the playing of video games. As long as they understand violent behaviour is unacceptable, is this such a bad thing? An ambulance crew may be desensitised to the sight of someone who has been beaten up, but would in no way condone that kind of behaviour. 

The fact is, violence and anti-social behaviour have always been part of society. Nazi Germany, the French slaughtering thousands in Algiers, the British doing the same in India, the ruthless Japanese occupation of China… all of these atrocities took place long before Call of Duty was even in the pipeline. I’m in no way belittling the problem of violent attacks in this country, merely pointing out that you can’t prevent a stabbing by confiscating a PS3. 

What do YOU think?
Is there a link between violence on the streets and the violent games, music, and films teenagers are exposed to? Leave a comment and let us know if violent games really affect your behaviour.

When YHWorld! Met Akala

10 Aug

My next mission of 2010 was to trek to the Brady Arts Centre in East London, just off Brick Lane to meet the British underground hip-hop and rap sensation, Akala. After settling in we got to chatting about everything from influences for his latest album, ‘Double Think’ (and not all of them were musical, I might add), to being the younger brother of Ms. Dynamite and a friend of Ashley Cole as a result of his days as a trainee footballer. As if that wasn’t enough, he told us a little about his time at the Royal Institute as a young mathematical genius, where he began a Physics A-Level at just age 13! I can safely say he shamed me up a bit (considering I only just finished struggling through mine, ha!)
It’s funny to think of passion kind of ‘flowing’ from a person but as I sat there and listened to him describe how he felt about things like politics, youth culture and even the World Cup, I could feel his emotions and ideas fill the room. Akala believes that each person has something unique to share with the world and that no man should look in the mirror and find an enemy. I’m glad to see that not every rapper wants to hit us with women, sex, violence and bling. In any case, go and get your copy of his latest album, check out my interview with him on the YHWorld site and go and listen to him on MySpace!

As always, it’s Siana. Over and out *Salutes*

Check out the full interview here.

Underage Festival 2010 photos part 2!

9 Aug

Photos by Steadman Gbajumo Jr

Check out our EXCLUSIVE UNDERAGE FESTIVAL 2010 videos interviews here

Underagers are still doin’ it MUCH BETTER!

3 Aug


Once again, I was unleashed in Victoria Park and I spent the day at one of the year’s biggest festivals: Underage 2010.

Last year we got cosy with Lady Lykez, Mystery Jets and Master Shortie, we waved at Hadouken!, and waited for Tinchy Stryder for hours. This time we nabbed Ellie Goulding, Daisy Dares You, Scorcher, You and what Army, Full English, Texas, Xample & Lomax, and ROX – as well as hugs and photos with the man himself, TINIE TEMPAH!

We stickered the Underagers, got goodies from Sugar Magazine (who decided that I’m a style icon and decided to put me on their website, whoop!) and vox pops aplenty. I can safely say that I was knocked out from all the excitement! Live Music, good food, an epic buzz and another chance to hang backstage like the VIP I am! No complaints from me and my lot.

Now all that’s left is to think about the day’s most important question: ‘What would you risk for a chocolate biscuit?’ Ha! Don’t even get me started.

Make sure you check out our photos!

So until the next time,

Siana, over and out! *salutes*

Watch Siana interview rap sensation Akala at Underage now!



3 Aug

WE DID IT! Well, we didn’t get our interview but I got plenty of photos with the man himself! It was tough and he was tired after his set but we were determined and persistent! I LOVE TINIE TEMPAH!

Siana over and out *salutes*