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Splice (2010)

18 Aug

Splice (2010)

Two Rebellious scientist’s experiments take a dark twist in this sci-fi thriller.

By Ophelia Ruffin 

Interesting concept but falls slightly flat on its delivery. Written and directed by Vincenzo Natali and produced by Guillermo Del Toro, Splice raises some interesting questions on morality and science and how the two are intrinsically entwined.  Clive (played by Adrian Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polly) are two brilliant scientists trying to make a name for themselves in the area of genetic research when the experiment to create a new species designed to reveal a protein highly valuable to the pharmaceutical companies goes horribly wrong and the two become embroiled in a dangerous game that will stretch their ethical and scientific integrities.

Splice accurately expresses some of the ethical issues surrounding the use of genetic research within the scientific community and its ethical responsibility.

The performances are actually really very good, Sarah Polly plays the character of Elsa with a confidence and assurance that brings to life the intimate dynamics of both her and Clive’s relationship and makes a refreshing change from the usual machismo of sci-fi. The film is far softer and delicate in its treatment of the subject and tries it’s hardest to avoid the usual sci-fi clichés. Adrian Brody is always good, and you feel that underneath that cool and gentle exterior is a man brooding beneath. The film has the feel of a pressure cooker just waiting to blow, but this film never quite does. It doesn’t have the punch, the crescendo. Or maybe it does but perhaps it’s just a little lack lustre. I had high hopes for Splice and had been anticipating its release for many months but must admit I was slightly disappointed when I finally watched it.

Splice hit U.K. screens on the 23 July.  Be sure to watch it if you’re interested in a smart sci-fi film with a far superior style and approach to films of a similar nature such a Species (1995).

 Ophelia Ruffin is Film Editor for YH!world and Edits her own Strictly Reel.

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