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Something interesting for you…

25 Mar

Hey there Team YH! World,

As I am a history student, I found this quite interesting and thought of you. If there are any people out there taking history for GCSEs or A-Levels then read on (in fact, read on even if you’re not because it’s interesting!):

If you want to get those high grades you should always read around the subject. History is still relevant to today and the events of the last century have made a lasting impact on society.


So there is a bit of daily wisdom for all of y’all. I bet it wasn’t so bad, was it? *winks*





Siana. Over and out.


Exciting new project coming your way soon…!

25 Mar

Hey there Team YH World!

I hope you are all well. It’s been a while indeed but I can assure you that all is well.  We have moved offices and have grown over the past couple of months. There is a larger team in the offices at all times now; thus enabling us to keep providing you with positive information and great opportunities!

I have been a busy bee (as always) as well. Check out what I have been up to in the other branches of my blog:

Once you’ve had your fill of that, make sure you check the latest news and features on the YH! World site so that you don’t miss anything good 🙂

On a more exclusive note, by the end of this coming week, we at YH! will be launching our new project: ‘Young and Brilliant’ . This will be a celebration of young talents within the capital, who are working hard and making their way up the ladder of their ambition. With the help of a series of Video blogs, we will follow the journeys of a rapper; a journalist and photographer; a television presenter; a very talented make-up artist; a kick-boxer who is going places; a young entrepreneur; and a set of dancers who are currently touring the UK!

There is plenty of talent to be found in our city and despite all the negative media coverage and the difficult economic, political and social climate, young people are still ambitious.  And we at YH! want to be there at every step to celebrate with them when thy finally do reach their goals and get to wherever it is they strive to go.

So basically my lovelies, stay tuned!

Much love for now!



Siana. Over and out.

Drink free at Uni. Can it be done?

29 Sep

Students and drinking. They sort of go hand in hand, what with cheap drinks deals at student events and of course, there’s that big student stereotype to live up to. But Nick Adams asks ‘ is it really worth it? ‘

Drunk Student

Drunk Student

I like to think of drinking as a sort of social insurance. The concept sounds a little bit crazed I’ll admit, but hear me out on this one. After a night’s heavy drinking, you’re able to look back on lots of silly mistakes, laugh it off and blame it on the drink. Dancing like a possessed muppet? Blame it on the drink. Staggering around with reckless abandon? Blame it on the drink. Making conversation with complete and utter strangers? Blame it on the drink.

Continuing with this insurance analogy, the health problems of drinking are also related. The immediate problems of drinking, like hangovers, are a bit like claiming an excess on your social insurance. If you drink loads everytime you go out (and let’s face it, there is a lot of pressure to do this) then you’ll feel these effects most of the times you drink. But the more long term health effects of drinking are a bit like paying insurance premiums. Regardless of whether you claim or not, you still get these consequences.

It may seem really obvious to point this out but drinking alcohol really puts weight on you like nothing else. Alcohol drinks have absolutely tons of calories in them and are the calorific equivalent of having fatty fast food or rich sugary snacks (and this is even before you’ve hit the end of the night takeaway!).

Ironically the sobering fact is that alcohol is a bit like the social lubrication that is required for many people to relax and get friendly. With dutch courage, you might be able to make lots of friends and do all sorts of amazing things you’d never usually do. Or could you? Regardless of whether we’ve been drinking alcohol or not, we could still probably do those amazing things. We could still make friends, still dance, still relax and have a great time and still enjoy the student nightlife.

If you feel a little nervous when you’re out, don’t worry. Most people do. It’s just one of those things – for lots of us going to student nights at bars and clubs is something new that we are all getting used to. The environment is a little odd, the music may be too loud, and there’s bound to be more people in the same situation as you than you’d think.

This is a really important thing to consider: if you’re feeling a little anxious, chances are everyone else is too. Another thing to consider when you’re in social situations are that the consequences really aren’t that bad.

If you’re saying hi to someone who doesn’t know you, telling a joke that awkwardly trails off into oblivion or even flat out running out of things to say with someone – it’s really not the end of the world. These things quickly blow over, and most of the time they’ll only be weird if you continue to make a big deal about everything.

Once you realise that you’re able to cope in those circumstances, it becomes a lot easier to expand your comfort zone. For most people, being drunk effectively gets them into this state. They simply stop worrying about the social consequences and just go ahead without hesitating quite as much. Naturally there’s a point where alcohol is enough of a social lubricant to help people have a good time, but after a while there’s a point where people completely lose judgement and start doing things that they really regret!

The financial benefits of not drinking or cutting down on your drinks are obvious, but the satisfaction of having a great social life and not having to depend on alcohol must feel amazing! I hate being the type of guy to just throws out random advice without meaning it, so for the first 6 weeks of Uni (including freshers week) I’m going to be abstaining from alcohol as part of my own social experiment. Feel free to buy me a drink, just make it non alcoholic!