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Why we love: The Fault in Our Stars

12 Jul

The fault in our stars” is a novel about love between two teenagers named Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace- but with a twist, the twist being they both suffer from cancer. It is not a typical story; even though the cancer is a big part of the story-line, the novel still manages to be humorous and uplifting despite the serious themes. “The fault in our stars” explores what it means to be alive and challenges the typical idea of a teenage romance.


So why is “The fault in our stars” a New York Times bestseller?

When searching through different reviews on the novel, we found that most people had a strong attachment to the characters of Hazel and Augustus. One person wrote:


‘I felt that when I was reading it I was friends with Hazel and Gus, and that I was with them, sorting out their problems, helping them’.

Another reader, similarly wrote:

‘this book was the total opposite of some sappy love story because of how realistic it is.’


Their strong and witty personalities make it easy for readers to relate and connect to them. Hazel and Augustus bring a realistic element to the novel, unlike most other teenage love stories. John Green is able to write in the voice of a teenage girl to create a story that isn’t just a

.bout ‘ordinary teenagers with teenage problems’ but about an extraordinary teenager who faces something much more than the ‘average teenage problems’.

If we could describe the novel in one word, it would be ‘powerful’; another reader shared our feelings:


‘I loved it because of how powerful it was. How everything in Hazel Grace’s life, she questioned, even if it was something as simple as ‘Why should a person only have breakfast food for breakfast?’


The book is able to raise questions that normally wouldn’t even cross our minds. In this sense Hazel is able to present ideas that go beyond the surface and make the reader think outside of the box.  Hazel tells her mum the her t-shirt does not have a pipe on it:

‘It’s a drawing of a pipe. Get it? All representations of a thing are inherently abstract. It’s very clever’


Even though The Fault in Our Stars is fiction, the struggles of Augustus and Hazel, are in fact a reality in some people’s lives. The novel has inspired many people around the world, here is an example of just one:

By Louisa Danquah & Steffi Maranan


Reach a million people from your bedroom!

4 Apr

YouTube is the largest growing vlogging site in social media right now. People vlogging their lifestlyes, interests and hobbies can grow on YouTube to build an audience of millions; this can be very effective and get individuals voices heard… for free.

A topic that most people do not like to be involved with, unless they are seated behind a screen; film making and video journalism is one of the most growing features in online social media right now. We believe the main reason that people do not want to create content is because they believe that it cost unbelievable amounts of money that will never be available; little do they know that there is an online community that includes thousands of people whom have made a living out of creating videos in their bedrooms… talking to their webcam. This is not the only route in filmmaking; most youth centres around London are interested in creating and supporting young people to produce short films and journalism videos.

Another issue that young people fear within this subject is that criticism that will feedback from the content they produce. This is a big problem for every film maker, institute and actor; although receiving criticism that you don’t really want, actually builds your confidence to help yourself create better content. On the other hand, positive feedback has to be found and when you find it, it’s great. So have a go, as this is a definite recommendation if you have any free time on your hands and you can get hold a camera… everything deserves a first try.

If you want examples of people who have started a career from the social site YouTube, there are videos linked within this blog showing you their first videos which started their inspiring careers.

Film making is not hard, it does not take a lot of money; just a bit of effort and you’re on your way.

Things I wish I’d Known // Video

11 Mar


Royalty free music: Incompetech / Band Camp


Good trailers // create tension

Impeccably styled

Genius simple

Say something nice

Do something different with your camera shots

Fourtet / Grimes referenced here also awesome. Oh and anything by Spike Jonze!!!

Video – going viral

18 Aug

Last Tuesday during the London Riots everyone was stuck to the TV, on Twitter or youtube watching video pieces. So why did some videos go viral and not others?


Hackney Woman

Passion – it was inspiring and a beacon of hope in a really depressing time. She spoke her words with passion

Clapham Junction – Sky NEWS

He used his initiative, filmed it well and it sounds and looks good.

Brave – he is one of the only people who went up to looters and spoke to them.

Puts you into the situation – ” it’s 10 o’clock, I’m in Clapham ”

Malaysian Student

Shocking – this is so shocking

Darcus Howe  – Why did we forward it to mates?It was funny but it was also relevant and you don’t normally see a news reader put in their place. It also had drama

All of the above keep your attention because you’re interested in the people, there is a human interest. In some way they all express and capture views we identify with.

TASK 1 : Strengths ( S ) and weaknesses ( W )  – how do we see ourselves?

Pete S : I love planning and shaping W : not very good at thinking on my feet

Nat S : Directors eye and good storyboarding W : I don’t know how to edit

Ish S : Creative thinker W : Sometimes I lose the story in the edit

Size S : Creative ideas, pick things up quickly  W : Planning – I hate planning. Maybe getting my point across

Jenkins S : Good ideas, I look at things in a different way. Find the story really well W : too confident, don’t finish things to high standard


  • Always hold the story in your mind
  • Be braver when it comes to cutting things out, even if you’re tired and impatient. Sleep on it if your not sure
  • Planning – rough script and shot list

TASK 2 : Look at stuff you LIKE and ask why do you like it? LEARN from it and imitate it. Stuff you HATE – hold it in your mind and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes

The interrupters – 2 cuts of the same film


Explains the story, introduces the characters and goes more in depth as to the story. It’s slower

Geared towards festival film heads so you need to cut through to an audience who might of watched 4 films a day. They leave the explanation as to what it’s about till the end

What do they do to get your attention? You’re told people are getting KILLED but you don’t see much. They’ve used their own footage, news footage and audio from the news, audio of interviews over images & text.

Standard :

Captivating, emotional, traditional Hollywood trailer. It doesn’t give away the story line, it keeps you guessing

What do they do to get your attention? Strong passionate woman talking. Dead body right at the beginning, audio GANG WARFARE, emotional music

10 minute Challenge – pitch a response to the riots

Sizwe / Ish : Through My Eyes

Showing the build up and excitement, BBpin is pinging, getting ready to go out then flashing of all different races, sexes, ages pulling their bandana’ s up and leaving the house

Nat / Jenkins : Did This Have to Happen?

Split screen – man goes out on a normal street, normal day, comes home after the looting with.

Pete / Lucy : What Next?

Match live tv footage with talking heads : 1. smashing shops / shop keeper ” i’ve run this barbers for 60 years ” 2. relaxed kids laughing and enjoying the looting / young person  ” we just got hyped up ” 3. girl screaming at policeman / policeman ” i don’t understand why there is so much hate ” – What next? Get each talking head’s POV