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What makes a good rolemodel?

28 Jan

We asked Reachout UK’s year 11’s – what is a role model to you?

INSPIRE – Living a successful life, inspire to succeed, positive, ambitious, good image, take pride in their lives, self confident, leads by example, unique, charismatic, good sense of humor, believe in your dreams, turn your life around

Be STRONG – disciplined, courageous, hard working, principles, know right from wrong, honest, know how to deal with problems, morals, does what they say, out spoken, not care if people have negative perceptions of you

SUPPORTIVE – Loyal, selfless, understanding, you can relate to them, respects others, kindness, helps without charge

My Friend Ahmed ” used to be a bad boy, bad footballer, but then he began to focus and now he plays for West Ham, Charlton & Fulham”

” Ahmed chose to focus on football, gave up gangs and became more quiet and focused.  He was close to being locked up and now he stops fights when he used to start them.”

” He had two sides and one was very angry but now he’s changing other people and no one judges him any more and i still see him every day!”

Ahmed is Dylan’s rolemodel and he along with Sam from ReachOut is helping Dylan keep his focus up at school and particularly Math, English and Sports

Thanks to ReachOut and you’re lovely mentors

WATCH role model / anti gang videos by IAM a Staying Safe group of amazing young people from Acland Burghley

What is a rolemodel?

Finally – here’s an amazing role model in my eyes..


What’s it like to join a leadership programme?

20 Oct

Read this blog from 22 year old Rowan for a first hand account

For six months prior to my current role, I volunteered with City Year full-time in a primary school. The level of responsibility was immense; the children would confide in us any problems that they would have. This was definitely an amazing experience for me.

To tell you a bit about myself, it was slightly over a year ago that I graduated from university with a degree in English. I left university extremely unfocussed and unsure of what my next step would be.

After a brief spell of experimentation with trying to gain entry into various job sectors, I quickly realised that it was a waste of time trying to pursue jobs that I had little or no interest or passion for. I decided to join City Year because I recognised that it would allow me to step into a world that was completely alien to me. I had never volunteered or worked with children before. The reason for my decision was that I thought the experience would allow me to uncover hidden depths in myself.

In those six months I learnt more than I could possibly have imagined as well as gaining some direction as to which way my life was heading.

In the schools, we had an active involvement in the playground as well as the running of activities throughout the day and after school.
What was really good about volunteering with City Year is that we had a huge amount of freedom as to the types of activities we could run as well as developing our own teaching methods to use.

The school allowed a colleague of mine and I to organise and run a listening exercise for a short period in the day. This was received well with the school and the children. We also developed and ran two concurrent after school art clubs, one for the younger children (5-7 years old) and one for the older children (5-11 years old).

When I was offered to return to City Year for an additional year, the decision was difficult for me because of the level of commitment that it would entail. However, I think that a part of me knew that I really did want to stay on after the amazing experience I had had the year before. I would hugely recommend volunteering with City Year to anyone who wants to develop themselves as a leader in our society, as well as acquiring some extremely valuable experience mentoring children.

Being a volunteer at City Year also has many other advantages, for example there are many opportunities to interact with our corporate sponsors at training sessions as well as various other functions. If you are interested in recruitment there are also many opportunities to get involved.

This year we will be having a mid-year volunteer intake to coincide with our move into a school in Tottenham. For more information phone 02070142680 or email:

To find out more about other leadership schemes read more here

Exciting new project coming your way soon…!

25 Mar

Hey there Team YH World!

I hope you are all well. It’s been a while indeed but I can assure you that all is well.  We have moved offices and have grown over the past couple of months. There is a larger team in the offices at all times now; thus enabling us to keep providing you with positive information and great opportunities!

I have been a busy bee (as always) as well. Check out what I have been up to in the other branches of my blog:

Once you’ve had your fill of that, make sure you check the latest news and features on the YH! World site so that you don’t miss anything good 🙂

On a more exclusive note, by the end of this coming week, we at YH! will be launching our new project: ‘Young and Brilliant’ . This will be a celebration of young talents within the capital, who are working hard and making their way up the ladder of their ambition. With the help of a series of Video blogs, we will follow the journeys of a rapper; a journalist and photographer; a television presenter; a very talented make-up artist; a kick-boxer who is going places; a young entrepreneur; and a set of dancers who are currently touring the UK!

There is plenty of talent to be found in our city and despite all the negative media coverage and the difficult economic, political and social climate, young people are still ambitious.  And we at YH! want to be there at every step to celebrate with them when thy finally do reach their goals and get to wherever it is they strive to go.

So basically my lovelies, stay tuned!

Much love for now!



Siana. Over and out.

Working in the East End

17 Mar

The life of a Journalist at times can be gruelling and problematic. Chasing stories in the dead of night so that you can get your by line. Not very often do Journalists get to live the glamorous lifestyle which is depicted in the glossy magazines. Gone are the days when a Journalist simply reported a story. To be considered for a job often the Journalist takes on a number of roles such as event planner, camera person, presenter, receptionist and most recently assistant to the celebrities being interviewed.

The demand of people who want to get into the media industry outweighs the supply of jobs. This has resulted in companies receiving an influx of desperate students about to graduate looking for work experience.

The last few months has seen the news report the difficulty that graduates will face trying to find a job upon leaving. With the recent Government declaring that Tuition fees will be raised, those that would have previously attended University are looking for other options. One includes finding a job and working their way up which makes things even more difficult for graduates.

I was one of the lucky ones and managed to get a work placement at the Eastendlife newspaper. It wasn’t easy it took 3 years of applying, 30 emails and 10 phone calls to get the work placement. For those that are unfamiliar with this newspaper I’ll give you a brief description.

This local newspaper covers everything from the arts, to community events and sport. The free paper focuses on the activities that take place in East London so that the residents are constantly clued up on what’s going on. Easily accessible the paper is delivered to the houses of the local residents.

My first day at the newspaper was similar to that of any person on the first day at a new job. A mixture of fear and excitement took over as I entered the office. Everyone I met was friendly and welcoming. They started me out on the smaller tasks at first such as writing articles from press releases.

The first few days were quite repetitive but after my constant pestering and their need to alleviate the heavy workload they had. Soon I was being sent out to attend events where my Journalist abilities were tested when I had the task of writing a feature on workshops that take place in Whitechapel for those with disabilities. It was a massive task, which took me into the evening to complete.

Being given my own desk in the tall glass building did wonders for my confidence. Each morning I woke up and travelled to the office it felt almost dream-like. This was a company I’d been trying to get into since I discovered my passion for Journalism. My time there was really intense as it would be at any newspaper. After the first few days when after everyone realised I was there to work and stopped being so polite I was soon plied with work. Sometimes I didn’t take my lunch break until 2pm in the afternoon, which was my choice.

This environment gave me the opportunity to get a feel for the work place, which I enjoyed immensely. I was only there for a week yet it felt a lot longer. At the time I promised myself to remember every detail and now a few months on it’s a blur of articles, events, many phone calls, emails and the odd misdirected caller who wanted a lighting company.

I will never forget the experience and hopefully they won’t forget me. I felt like I was part of a team so it would be unfortunate if my face became one of the blurred masses of the work experience group. If in five years time my face doesn’t ring a bell at least I know what a great experience it was. It may sound cheesy but it’s the truth. So for those just figuring out what career path you want top go down, work experience is definitely the first stop you need to make.

First Light presents…WeVee film comp

12 Jan

Want your work to be viewed by industry experts? Do you want to
see your short film screened at the Odeon in Leicester Square? Are you aged between 15-25 years old?  Then WeVee’s film comp is the opportunity for you. WeVee is a website which allows aspiring filmmakers to edit film footage online using their provided clips and sound tracks. The site was created with the purpose to give young filmmakers a taster of editing and also help them to generate ideas.

First Light is inviting filmmakers to edit short films which will consist of this year’s nominated films which have already been uploaded by First light on the WeVee website along with music provided by Cinephonix. Hopefuls short films will be saved and stored on the WeVee website and automatically entered into the competition. Entrants have the chance to see their work screened at the 2011 First Light awards show on 15th March. Expect to see your favourite television and film stars at the red carpet bash.

The closing date to enter your work is Friday 14th February. The top three chosen films will be shown on the First Light site and the winner will be decided by the public vote. The top three finalists will all be invited to attend the awards show, where the winning film will open the Awards ceremony. Yh users jump on board.

Enrol on Film courses

8 Jan

The people at Raindance are hosting a free event referred to as ‘Open house’ allowing film makers to come in and meet the tutors. You will get a taster of the courses that are on offer and get to ask any of those burning questions you may have about enrolling. Raindance are providing discounts on courses that are booked on the day. You will also get a free drink courtesy of the film company. The event is happening on Tuesday 11th, January from 6.30- 9.00pm in West Londons Craven St Rehearsal Rooms, WC2N 5PE. To attend the event you have to book a place which can be done by via phone on 0207 287 3833 or email. Visit the website for more details. So head down for a fun yet rewarding evening.

How to capture a story in one picture

5 Jan

YH world are hosting a series of workshops in Hackney, London. The venue called The Space provides people with the opportunity to use the state of the art Apple Mac computers to edit videos using software such as Adobe premier pro and final cut pro. On February 10th 2011 YH world are inviting you down to learn how to become a Photo Journalist. The evening workshop from 6.30-8.30pm will be showing you how to capture an entire story in one image. The session will give details on what newspapers and magazines look for in a Photographer and with Industry help coming in the form of Marcel from newspaper Hackney today; you won’t be lacking in information. For details on how to sign up visit the site.