Hipnotic Dance performance review

31 Aug

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What an amazing night I had last week Thursday in Hoxton Hall (22/08/2013) watching yet again brilliant talent from the youth from Hackney.

Hipnotic dance group is based upon 7-19year olds, who have worked extremely hard throughout the past month exploring different types of choreography mainly in Urban dance. They have then used their knowledge based on what they have learnt to create a full dance performance.

I was really impressed to see the amount of talent and energy these youngsters had to showcase in their performance. I was more impressed with the 7-12 year olds who grabbed my attention with showing off their dance skills, during the beginning of the show. It even made me want to get up and join in with the dancers, but probably I would ruin the show if I had done that.

The ending of the show was the highlight of the performance because it was interesting to see all the age groups in the company gather along together to create huge performance, which even ended up with the audience getting involved with the performance.

I would just love to say, well done Hipnotic dance crew  for putting on a fantastic performance, and keep up with the good work. You’re all going to go far with your brilliant talent.


Hackney Community Cup

27 Aug

Hackney Community Cup

Eastside Eagles (ESE) win in the Hackney Community Cup community. The tournament was a great exhibition with ESE and Homerton Boys battling in the last game. The final match went to penalties, with ESE scraping a 4-2 victory over the visitors.


22 Aug


Snow, Siri and the 7 Bredrens – Insiders review

21 Aug

Snow, Sir and the 7 Bredrens

The mind blowing musical Snow, Siri and the 7 Bredrens is about a young princess trying to find her way to become Queen, with the help of Siri. Throughout the princess journey she faces a few difficult situations, but this does not stop her from reaching her main goal, which is becoming the Queen.

Snow, Siri and the seven Bredrens was amazing to watch at the Hackney empire, last Friday evening. It was incredible to watch the younger generation take over the empire, with the amount of energy they showed throughout the whole show. The thing that grabbed my attention was seeing how versatile all the actors were.The could sing, act and dance, which comes to show that there are talented stars in the making from Hackney. I envy these kids because they have all been gifted with a talent I don’t and will never have.
Congratulations Young Hackney, very impressive job

The Insiders – Abdel

21 Aug
Hi! I’m Abdel Rebika, a 17 year old aspiring political journalist from Hackney.
Politics is my passion, and my ultimate ambition is to influence people to stand up and take action to help make our world a better place. I aim to achieve this through pieces of writing that provoke thought – thought that provokes action – action that provokes change. Sounds cheesy, I know but hey, thats just me. I’m going to be here, reporting for the insiders on events for young people going on in Hackney. Hope you’ll find us useful! Oh, and I’m Batman on weekends.

The Insiders – Abby

21 Aug

Hi, my name is Abby and I’m 14 years old. I’m interested in drama, dance, music, reading writing and fashion. Hopefully you will find The Insiders helpful. 🙂

3 tips guaranteed to help you write better headlines

20 Aug

First lets look at some GREAT headlines:

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So why do some people always write great headlines? Puns aside here’s some tips for writing good headlines for blogs

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  2. Study headlines that have been proven to work, and that usually means direct response advertising headlines and top magazines
  3. Most importantly, rather than simply mimicking great headlines, understand why the headline works

Here’s a handy video with 5 handy hints!

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